Importance of Policies and Procedures

Small businesses often overlook the creation of policies and procedures. This simple task has the ability to save time and money in a variety of ways. Businesses should establish policies and procedures and commit them to print before hiring the first employee. Policies, defined simply as rules as to how the company and its representatives should…


Disadvantages of Using Internal Sources of Financing

Internal sources of financing, like cash drawn from a company’s operating budget or capital income to fund a project or expansion, may be the simplest form of financing; this allows the company to make decisions quickly while avoiding the wait for financing approval and avoiding the cost of paying interest or dividends. However, this type…


Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis is a simple tool used to determine the need for change. Very similar to a weighted pro-and-con list, Force Field Analysis is a brainstorming framework that looks at the forces affecting change. Read more at eHow.

Gap Analysis 11

What is Resource Gap Analysis?

Gap analysis looks at the current state of a situation, a market, a product, a resource and so forth and compares that to target levels of performance. Resource gap analysis, a subset of gap analysis, focuses solely on the resources held by a company or organization, including both the current levels and the estimated future…