Estee Lauder: Poised For Long-Term Growth

Estee Lauder reported earnings Friday. The company saw massive growth year over year, but missed on analyst estimates. News of the company’s earnings pushed the stock lower during the day before it rebound to roughly even by market close. Estee Lauder is exhibiting a pattern of growth in fundamentals and its strategic initiatives are aligned towards maximizing…


Gap Limited On Upside By ‘Clothing Commodity’

Gap is priced low relative to its earnings, but the pricing is fair based on its growth prospects. The company has to manage the clothing commodity, and there are several hurdles. Gap has several strengths but the company needs to better address its demographic before a longer term position can be justified. Read more at Seeking Alpha.


Sell J.C. Penney, Before The Market Corrects

J.C. Penney stock soared on Thursday after the company reported its third improved quarter in a row. But the company is weak on fundamentals and the retail industry appears to have plateaued. Investors would be wise to take advantage of the current price increase and sell now. Read more at Seeking Alpha.

A box from is pictured on the porch of a house in Golden

Amazon Declares War On Profit Margins, Takes On Disney

Amazon halts pre-orders on Disney movies, making the Walt Disney Company the most recent to experience Amazon’s strong arm tactics. The Seattle-based company has used this technique successfully in the past but never against a company as large as Disney. If Disney calls Amazon’s bluff, and Hachette joins in, the company could be in trouble. Read more…