My story begins in retail. I started off managing clothing stores. My work took me out of my small hometown in the mountains of Maryland and to DC, where I became a manager at Ann Taylor LOFT. After several years, I knew that my undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology weren’t going to help me develop the career I really wanted.

While my early schooling and my management experience had taught me so much about the way people buy and what compels them to shop, I wanted to work with businesses to help them become better on a fundamental level.

So, I went to graduate school in Exeter and earned my MBA.

I received my degree in January 2007, when the world was starting to change. I returned to the States, and I saw a big difference. Everything was online. More businesses and people were becoming connected despite geographic constraints all the time.

By the time the Great Recession hit, I had started writing about the changes I had noticed and how those differences affected various companies financially. I published my work in different media outlets – from big names like The Street and Motley Fool to niche sites like InsiderMonkey and SeekingAlpha.

I was also seeing people try to open their own businesses, but they didn’t understand how very different the market had become, especially in retail. So, I started to leverage my degrees in psychology, sociology, and business to help guide them. I wrote business plans and provided advice on how to attract customers. I created pitch decks to help them attract funding and white papers to explain the value of specific products and services. I provided analysis on their financials and their marketing.

Over time, my attention turned to content, and I began to work with companies, helping to shape the content that helped people find their companies. I focused on search engine optimization, marketing strategy, calls to action, and compelling content. I wrote ebooks explaining how to use social media, and I watched technology evolve.

Today, I am a writer and a marketing strategy consultant. I write the articles you read online, the ones that pop up in your search engine results or appear as a recommendation from an app – and I advise companies on how to best reach their target audience through content.